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Micro Beads

Tiny 1/2mm glass no-hole beads sometimes called tiny glass beads or glitter beads.


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It's Fun and Free!

Stamp Storage System
Designed for use with stamps on cling cushion or EZ Mount

After years of feeling like I was using a hodge podge of imperfect stamp storage methods, I finally created one that I felt met a majority of stamper's needs. Perhaps this system will work for you, too! ~Stacey Dunning

Attractive - Keeps your stamping area clutter free and presentable

Easy to access - Pull the stamp you're looking for quickly and easily

Easy to catalog or categorize - For stampers with more stamps than they can remember, catagorize your collection by manufacturer, subject or style

Easy to maintain - It's just as easy to put your stamps back as it is to get them out so you'll be compelled to keep things neat

Easy to expand - Any time you need to expand a catagory, or add another category, just add a case

Easy to travel with - It's quick and easy to grab a few cases (you can fit a few 1/2" acrylic mounts inside, too) and go on the road with your craft

Stamp safety - No more losing small stamps; these cases close securely

For more details view our instruction sheet (660kb). You'll get a higher resolution print with your purchase of the Stampibrary System.

Stampibrary System
fits into any media storage system that will hold VHS tapes

This system has been discontinued because we've lost our supplier of VHS cases. They are still avaialble at various places at retail prices. Just search for hubless VHS cases. If you find some with a sleeve you can still index them using copy paper cut to size. The inside of the case will need to be lined with a non-porous material, like glossy cold laminating sheets cut to size. The stamps won't stick to the insides of most VHS cases without this step.


Rubber Stamping Basics

No stamping basics on this page. Available basic techniques listed to the right. Also please view our techniques section for project ideas and tutorials.

Rubber Stamping Basics