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Great for use with Metallic Spray Mists

Glimmer Mist Glimmer Screens sample card
Template used for making this card is available here. Click image to view instructions for creating this card.

Glimmer Mist

Click here for Glimmer Mist Sprays

click here for white paper flowers you can color with Glimmer Mist

For more information on using Glimmer Mist, click here.

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Fanciful Glimmer Screens
Glimmer Screens - Starter Pack
Add to Cart $19.95


These were developed for scrapbookers so the images are quite large, at least 6" wide. Lay these images over your paper before spraying to create subtle shapes. This snowflake was used in the top card sample in the upper left. For smaller images try Heidi Swapp Masks, which adhere with removable adhesive to the paper for crisper lines. A Heidi Swapp mask was used in the lower right of the top card sample.

Glimmer Screen Mini-Packs
Mini-Packs Contain 3 screens each, the largest of which are about 6" at their widest point.

Glimmer Screens - Blossoms
Glimmer Screens - Blossoms
Add to Cart $5.99
This set has coordinating clear stamps available

Glimmer Screens - Elegant Emblems
Glimmer Screens - Elegant Emblems
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Flights of Fancy
Glimmer Screens - Flights of Fancy
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Ironworks
Glimmer Screens - Ironworks
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Tattered Traveler
Glimmer Screens - Tattered Traveler
Add to Cart $5.99

This set has coordinating clear stamps available

Glimmer Screens - Decorative Corners
Glimmer Screens - Decorative Corners
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Vintage Ice
Glimmer Screens - Vintage Ice
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Winter Crystals
Glimmer Screens - Winter Crystals
Add to Cart $5.99

Glimmer Screens - Winter Trees
Glimmer Screens - Winter Trees
Out of Stock $5.99

Photographing with a camera shows the metallic shimmer. Scanning the image with the scanner shows the background image created by misting over a glimmer screen. In person you can see both!

Glimmer Screens (below) are large stencil shapes ranging from 6" to 9" in width. The large size makes them great for scrapbooking. For a crisper line and smaller images, try using the Heidi Swapp masks with light adhesive to hold them close to the paper. This bookmark was created using Honey Dew Mist and Gold Glimmer Mists. The butterflies were stamped using a stamp from our Essential Elements series.

Adding items to the cart will not automatically take you to the shopping cart.
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Rubber Stamping Basics

This is information provided by the manufacturer. After using the product quite a bit we've added comments from our Blockheads testers. Keep in mind they are Blockheads and you might have different results than they did.

How to use:

  1. For a light, evenly misted look, hold Glimmer Mist away from your project and spray, such as you would when applying hairspray.
  2. For a thicker, raindrop application, hold Glimmer Mist closer to your project while spraying. Do not move the sprayer too much, or too fast.
  3. For a pooling effect, which gives intense color, spray Glimmer Mist very closely and directly on your project.

You can let Glimmer Mist air dry or use a heating tool to speed up the drying process. Please note that while Glimmer Mist is attractive when just using one color, layering multiple colors also adds a beautiful richness to your projects.

Some of our Favorite Places to Use Glimmer Mist:

  • Dries instantly on wood
  • Looks fabulous on chipboard and paper
  • Sticks to metal and glass (The Blockheads find that it spots too much to look very impressive and is not permanent)
  • Pools on plastic to create a stained glass effect (The Blockheads do not really care for this technique)
  • Makes your stickers shimmer (The Blockheads only care for this on non-glossy stickers)
  • "Pops" your fabric or paper flowers

Adds a gorgeous sheen to lace, ribbon, twill and fabrics (will wash out!) (The Blockheads say this is not a permanent adornment for fabrics, just for fabric embellishments on artwork)

Commonly Asked Questions
The sprayer dribbles: When you spray, make sure your finger is not hanging over the front edge of the sprayer. When the Glimmer Mist disburses it will hit your finger and dribble back down onto the rim of the sprayer. The next time you shake it or tip it, it will dribble out. If your finger is pulled back, the glimmer Mist will spray out in the pattern it was intended to and it wont go back onto the cap. (The Blockheads say that they swear they didn't have their finger out, at least not enough to get mist on it and it still dribbled when shaken on the next use. Of course these are Blockheads we're talking about and they solve the problem by tipping their bottle upside down over a paper towel before the next use to make sure no mist collected in the sprayer.)

The sprayer gets clogged: To prevent it getting clogged, make sure you shake all the bottles of Glimmer Mist really well before you spray it. The Glimmer part settles at the bottom and if the bottle isn't shaken really well the sprayer will suck up too much glimmer for the sprayer to handle To clear out the sprayer, take off the sprayer top, put canned air (without spray straw) directly on sprayer opening. Apply canned air in short spurts 1-3 times until clear. You can also put the canned air to the outside of the hole and spray it that way (The Blockheads hope their sprayer never gets clogged! They don't have canned air in their testing cages.)

You don't like the spray pattern: If you're trying to get a fine mist and can't, push the sprayer down quickly and move it across the surface of your project you're applying hairspray. You want to keep your hand moving quickly and evenly across your project. Bear in mind the nature of the project is that it may take you several tries to accomplish a completely even spray pattern. Practice spraying before you do your final project. If you're trying for a "splotchy" look, push the sprayer down halfway while aiming at your project. Don't move the sprayer too much or too fast.

The paper is curling: Glimmer Mist is a water-based spray that can make lightweight mediums (like tags and cardstock) curl as it dries. There are a number of ways to correct this: 1) Use a heat tool on both sides of your paper (The Blockheads said the paper is still wavy but that might be OK in some instances) 2) Iron your paper (The Blockheads say to let air dry completely or with heat gun before ironing, if there is any dampness after ironing, the paper will recurl) 3) After it's dry, place a heavy object on it for a few minutes (The Blockheads are too impatient for this method).

Will it stain my hands and/or clothes? As with any arts and crafts project, messes happen. Glimmer Mist will come out of your clothes in almost all circumstances. It may take a couple of washings so make sure you check before you put it in the dryer. Glimmer Mist on your hands comes off best with shampoo, so once you're out of the shower it should be gone! It will also come off with several washings from soap.

Is Glimmer Mist water resistant? No, Glimmer Mist is water based and does not use pigment dye. Therefore, it will run if exposed to moisture. If you're planning on displaying Glimmer Misted artwork in a humid environment (i.e. bathroom decor) put a protective coating over it.

My stamped images get blurry after being sprayed: There are two ways to use Glimmer Mist with stamped images. If you're using archival ink, you can spray Glimmer Mist on top of your stamped image after the ink has dried. If you don't use archival ink, spray the Glimmer Mist first and stamp your image when it's dry. (The Blockheads say that you can also spray over permanent inks and some pigment inks that are not considered "archival")

Rubber Stamping Basics